[Update] Halloween! Two New Champions + MBattlerite Status

October 21, 2016

Hey guys! We're currently updating the site for the newest patch, so thank you for your patience!

Two new champions were released today, including a "standard" mode, separate from Ranked!The servers will have a scheduled downtime on Friday, October 21st at 14:00 CEST (8 AM EST / 5 AM PST) for patching. 

Features & Content
  • NEW Champion: 
    Jumong - The Beast Hunter
    • Jumong, The Beast Hunter, is a trophy collector who wandered the wildlands in pursuit of a worthy challenge. No longer content with hunting the great beasts of this world, Jumong looks to the arena for a new type of prey. He traps his foes and brings them to their death with the accuracy of his mighty bow.
  • NEW Champion: 
    Ruh Kaan - The Crypt Warden
    • Ruh Kaan, The Crypt Warden, was awoken from his deep slumber when a grave robber disturbed the sacred crypts of Ark’dun. Pursuing the trespasser led him to the Arenas, where he still tracks his quarry. A wielder of dark powers, Ruh Kaan consumes the souls of those who stand in his way.
  • New Legendary Weapons & New Mounts are now available
  • New Map: Blackstone Arena - Night 
  • Ultimate Fan Pack Update 
    • The Ultimate Fan Pack will now include the exclusive Battle Wolf mount. (Everyone who has already purchased the UFP will automatically receive the new mount).
  • Halloween Season Event (October 21st to November 4th) - Limited Halloween Content 
    • A plethora of items exclusive to the Halloween season, obtainable through the:
    • New Chest - Halloween Chest
      • Contains one guaranteed Epic Halloween item.
    • In addition, everyone who has joined the Official Battlerite Steam Group will receive a free Halloween Chest and a rare weapon for Ruh Kaan. 
      If you have not yet joined the group, you may do so here:http://steamcommunity.com/games/504370 
      Upon joining, you will receive both the Halloween and regular rewards.
  • Matchmaking
    • Standard (Unranked) & Ranked queues added.
    • You can now queue for 2v2 and 3v3 simultaneously.
    • You no longer gain grade in VS AI matches.
    • Party size of 3 now allowed in Standard/Ranked/VS AI. The party will not be disbanded when switching between modes.
    • A rating exploit bug has been fixed (fixed last week).